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Nutrition clinic specializing in chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gastritis) overweight and obesity, difficulty in gaining weight and malnutrition, pediatric and adult patients. .

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Tapiceria Arvene

Calle principal 15 de septiembre Los Amates, Izabal. - Izabal - Guatemala
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Centro Clínico de Especialidades

Nutrition Clinic specializing in chronic diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Gastritis) overweight and obesity, difficulty in gaining weight and malnutrition, pediatric and adult patients.
Tikal Futura torre Sol 7mo Nivel Oficina 7C - Guatemala - Guatemala
Telephone:24402670, 24402680,
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Libreria Monika

Selling school supplies and stationery, photocopying and more.
13 av. 6-94 zna 18 colonia lavarreda - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Autofinish de Guatemala

Workshop straightening, painting and general mechanics for service insurers and the general public.
32 calle 6-27 zona 11 las charcas detras de pacific center de la aguilar batres - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Edificio Torre Profesional Xela

The tower building is a center for professional services and sales of high quality products which are now offered more than 24 businesses in one place to meet their needs, More...
17 Avenida 4-42 zona 3, Quetzaltenango, Quetzaltenango, GT. - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala
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Office Point

Manufacturing importation and distribution of modular office furniture and chairs and rooms, commercial developments and projects in general
20 calle 11 32 zona 10 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Transportes ADAME

Office located in the hotel guatemex Huehuetenango, Barillas and the terminal.
Huehuetenango - Santa Eulalia - Huehuetenango - Guatemala
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Papeleria Tivoli

Founded on 1983
On sale dedicated company of scholastic articles and office.
Our marks: 3M, Faber-Castell, Avery, Cross, Graf von Faber-Castell, Pelikan, Staedtler, Post-it, Lamy, Fellowes, HP, Canon, Epson, Crayola, Elmer' s, More...
6a. avenida 6-27, zona 9. C.C. Tivoli Plaza
20 calle 8-01, zona 10
Boulevard Rafael Landivar, zona 16. Plaza Varietá - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Proyectos Betel

Guatemala Office furniture, desks, metal file, executive chair, Guatemala office furniture, office furniture, we have everything for your office or company.
- Guatemala - Guatemala
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Agencia Suzuki

Sale Suzuki Motorcycle parts and workshop
7 Calle 5 - 31 zona 2 - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala
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Oficina de Servicios Profesionales, OFISERP

Enterprise tributary consultation (the IVA-Sat) (mercantile registry) (fiscal registry of vehicles) (accounting generally) (audit).
9A. Calle 8-14, zona 2, Sololá. - Sololá - Guatemala
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Oficina Tecnica Forestal

Sale of forest species, and broadleaf conoferas, consultations and management of forest crops, environmental impact studies, and soils, consultations on crops of fruit trees project, and mono crops such as More...
5 calle lote 4 colonia Anibal de Leon, Tecun Uman San Marcos, Guatemala. - Ayutla-Tecun Man - San Marcos - Guatemala
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Montacargas y tornos de Guatemala

Property and mechanical workshops, rental of forklifts of all capacities, hydraulic platforms of all abilities, manufacture of metal parts for the entire industry, selling rings and other tires.
7 calle A 18-05 Villas de San Jose 1 zona 4 - Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Technical office equipment: copiers, photocopiers, printers of all brands and selling office equipment.
9a. Avenida 32-76 Zona 11 Colonia Las Charcas - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Compu-Office Guatemala

We specialize in selling computers, toner, inks, ribbons, office supplies, furniture and chairs, bespoke furniture in solid wood and melamine, especially for office.
13 calle c 27-15 zona 7 kaminal juyu ii - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Construherramientas, S.A.

Direct importer of Bosch, Skil, Dewalt, Campbell Hausfeld electric tools. Workshop service, parts and accessories. Derivatives of construction.
6 Avenida 7-57 Zona 9 Guatemala, Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Tecnos, is a 100% Guatemalan, specializes in technical support for office equipment and computers, selling computers and accessories and printer ink refills.
16 AV. 10-42 Zona 11.Colonia carabanchel
Guatemala, ciudad. - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Concepto Modulart S.A

We are manufacturers and designers of furniture in all types of material for home and office.
20 clle z 10 13-11 ciudad guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Container Sudamerica S.A.

Sale of maritime containers (wine) for use in construction, mining (camps), agriculture (wine cellars) and office and warehouse for temporary use and portable. We are an international company that serves More...
- Guatemala - Guatemala
Rpte: Iñigo Olavarría Jofré
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Salud Cristiana

Mobile clinics moved its equipment, personnel and drugs to their offices regardless of geographic location.

we are located anywhere in the country.
12av. 0-18 z.7 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Herramientas y Mas, S.A.

Direct importer of power tools Bosch, Skil, DeWalt, Campbell Hausfeld. workshop service, parts and accessories. arising from the construction: floors, tiles, sanitary ware, taps.
Ruta 8 3-29 Zona 4. La Terminal. - Guatemala - Guatemala
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M4 Constructora

Consulting, design, construction, planning, implementation, expansion, remodeling, houses, buildings, offices, civil engineering, finishing, everything related to the domestic construction.
9 calle 7-37, zona 11 jardines de minerva - Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Servicios y Remodelaciones Forheber

And remodeling services for hotels, houses, apartments, offices etc. facilities offering prefabricated walls and ceilings, and painting designs, making your business or home look beautiful and elegant, with the diferncias More...
1a calle entre 3a y 4a avenida san antonio such. - Suchitepéquez - Guatemala
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Asesoría y Desarrollo Estratégico Empresarial

Consulting and business consulting in strategic planning, marketing and commercialization, market research, training and executive level management and sales and marketing teams.
10 calle 6ta Avenida "A", 6-48 zona 9, Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Dermamed Guatemala - Guatemala dermatologists:
Dermatology clinic in Guatemala: acne, melasma (patches on the face), psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, warts, hair loss, contact dermatitis, cryotherapy,

Skin Oncology: moles and skin cancer, More...
4 Avenida 15-73 zona 10, Edificio de Clínicas Médicas, nivel 3, oficina 300 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Industrias Anadel

Manufacture and distribution of cleaning products for home, industry, commerce and services.
4 calle 7-53 zona 9
Edificio Torre Azul Oficina 304 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Transguate Logistics S.A

We offer our experience and a team of highly qualified , fully dedicated to answer all your questions and provide the best service for moving your goods around the world.
8va. Avenida 3-80 Zona 12 Edificio La Rambla Torre II 4to. Nivel Oficina 4-2 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Novahairtransplant Center

Only in Guatemala, hair transplant center nova have the latest and most advanced technology for hair transplantation.
2 calle 25-19, zona 15
Edificio Multimedica Vista Hermosa
Oficina 1402
Guatemala, ciudad. - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Clinia Medica Gineco Obstetrica

I am a doctor and surgeon, specializing in gynecology and obstetrics. I am dedicated to prenatal care, high risk pregnancy, early diagnosis of cervical cancer, gynecological and obstetric ultrasound, colposcopy, More...
6 calle 5-28 zona 9 Oficina 101 Edificio Torre Cristal - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Filtration systems and water purification ozone-based, double-filtration system for homes, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, offices, etc..
24 Av. "A" 1-81 Zona 7 Col. Altamira II; a un costado del CC. Mega Centro. - Guatemala - Guatemala
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